Why Choose the School of Design and MEET?

The program proposed by MEET and GBC School of Design respond to a growing need for a new skill set based on digital design and creative mindset that crosses the traditional disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

If you’re looking for a way to channel your creative energy into a learning experience and an international career, we can help you succeed.

This programs have a strong focus on handson, studio-based learning with our cuttingedge equipment and facilities. Through our extensive work-integrated learning opportunities, innovative applied research projects, and our industry-proven faculty, we’ll help you refine your talents and develop the people and technical skills you need to build your portfolio and network.
At MEET you will live an innovative learning experience integrating classrooms moments with active participation to cultural events and development of digital contents. You will be part of a multidisplinary teams enjoying the opportunity to start a conversation and share your projects with Gurus and professionists and delivering new tools and prototype for showcase and exhibition.
At School of Design you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a modern digital environment where you can learn from fascinating guest experts and real-life endeavours. Such endeavours include design competitions where our students have won prestigious local, national and international awards.