Interactive Media Management

The Interactive Media Management is designed to give power back to designers, introducing them to the latest real-time interactive tools and technologies. With the integration of these technologies into public and commercial settings, such as museums and retail environments, as well as the education and medical sectors, designers need to be armed with key knowledge of interface design, information visualization and virtual spaces. They have a mission to create friendly systems and interfaces that dramatically improve the lives of consumers and sellers alike.
The program combines design education with software instruction and hands-on workshops to configure interactive design strategies using existing and emerging display technologies. You will be exposed to best practice examples and realworld models. You are encouraged to generate a unique design strategy and test it through an applied project directed toward the development of a fully functional,interactive demonstration prototype ready for a public audience.

What courses will I take?

Semester One (In Milan)
Web Design & Development I | Interactive Design & Systems I | Media Production | Production Management I | Prototyping I | 3D Design I | Interactive Production Project I 


Semester Two (In Toronto)
Web Design & Development II | Interactive Design & Systems II | Media Production II | 3D Design I | Prototyping II | Interactive Production Project II | Production Management II

Semester Three (In Toronto)
Studio Entrepreneurship | Interactive Experiential Thesis