Digital Design —Game Design

The Digital Design – Game Design program develops the production and design abilities of students in management scenarios through courses in design documentation, milestone and pipeline scheduling, game design theory and psychology.
Taught by faculty with industry experience and mentored by local game industry leaders, students will learn how to design and develop games, not only for the entertainment market but also for serious gaming applications in health, education, construction, marketing and other sectors.  

Students will have the unique opportunity to develop commercial quality games in a simulated video game studio environment, at times working with industry partners, game artists and programmers.

What courses will I take?

Semester One (In Milan)
Game Design Theory I | Narrative Design I | Game Psychology I | Advanced Level Design I | Game Management I | Design Documentation | Game Production Thesis I

Semester Two (In Toronto)
Game Design Theory II | Narrative Design II | Game Psychology II | Advanced Level Design II | Game Management II | Game Business | Game Production Thesis II

Semester Three (In Toronto)
Studio Entrepreneurship | Game Experiential Project